Andrea Hall


District Council

Place Branding

Attracting and supporting business growth is a key part of Selby District Council’s corporate strategy. To help achieve this, the council needed to develop a compelling place brand to promote the benefits of the area to current and prospective businesses.

Key areas were identified that the council wanted to focus on from the affordability and space available, to the quality of life and the opportunities in the district.

The challenge was to design a visual concept that covered all of these areas. The design had to be simple, distinct and immediately recognisable.

It was a big project, but my local knowledge meant I was ideally suited to take on the challenge. The blue and green logo is the umbrella brand using the Council’s corporate colours. The roundel device which represents land and sky, works well in other colour ways as an abstract icon, and can be used in isolation from the words.

Mike James from SDC said: “Andrea delivered for us a whole design concept, which we’ve been able to apply to a wide range of material, including traditional marketing materials and even films too. She helped us to understand how to best use a whole brand concept to support this major piece of work. It’s been an integral part of us raising the profile of our area with investors.

This work has been recognised nationally as best practice by the Local Government Association and is part of a support pack for councils across the UK. Selby District Council has also recently won Business Insider ‘Local Authority of the Year’ for its work to support new investment and growth, of which place branding has been an important part.”

Andrea Hall Design