Andrea Hall

Parish Council

Neighbourhood Development Plan Design

Walton Parish Council were looking for someone to make their Neighbourhood Development Plan look really appealing and easy to read.

In order to make it different and engaging I felt the best approach was a mixture of photos, illustration and info graphics.

A planning document had been previously produced for Walton by an architect, and the PC really liked the style of the illustrations. They were lovely – rendered in a very loosely sketched style. I felt I could replicate this, and produce them digitally too in order to keep the project on time and budget.

The result was a great success when the Plan was put to referendum in the village.

The council said: “We wanted to thank you for your contribution to this excellent Plan and an extremely positive referendum result. You are part of this success, so, on behalf of the Team and the Council, please accept our grateful  thanks.”

Take a look at a full copy here

Andrea Hall Design