Andrea Hall


Makeup Artist


I’ve known Liz for years, and I’ve seen her struggling to get the right image to promote herself, so I approached her and asked if she would let me help. Because I know her, I could see so clearly in my mind what would work well for her.

I love modern calligraphy, and felt a brush script approach would work well for the subject matter. After literally hundreds of attempts the right design emerged. Add Liz’s favourite colour, and a truly unique brand is born.

Liz was thrilled when she saw it. I think the mark of a good brand is when the client instantly recognises it and feels that it’s just what they wanted all along. Liz said: “Andrea totally ‘got’ me when it came to designing my logo. I wanted people to remember my name, and every time I hand a business card out, it’s the first thing they see. I’m so happy with it. Andrea is also a dream to work with.

Andrea Hall Design