Andrea Hall


Land Agent

Start up. Branding

A  designer who I work collaboratively with, Ronan Martin, got in touch about his client who was setting up a business as a sole land agent and needed a logo designing. The client, Malcolm had come to us because he had seen another project we had both previously been involved with, and liked the results.

Malcolm’s expertise is in land, crofts, farms, forestry, and estates in Scotland. He is also a landscape photographer.

Because it was a start up business, it was a blank canvas, which is always exciting but can be daunting too as it gives me no indication of expectations or likes and dislikes especially when working remotely. So the brief from Ronan was really important. It was to be a contemporary design and Malcolm provided a colour palette and some of his photos to inspire.

The finished design has a unique feel. The subject matter is quite literal, reflecting a lone man in the landscape. The texture and script font gives the design an informal, easy and approachable feel.

Andrea Hall Design