Andrea Hall

Heritage Project

History is a great subject to get your teeth into as a designer, as it conjures up great images and ideas. I also love doing leaflets for walks because there’s usually a map involved and they are great fun to draw.

This project was a little different because the subject matter was about hidden features, which made it super-intriguing.

The challenge was how to use the amateur photos and make the leaflets look great quality. I utilised a 3D map that I drew of the town years ago for another project to sit alongside them.

Because it was a suite of leaflets, I designed a bespoke wallet for them. Sounds expensive, but it really wasn’t at all. This was a great way to give the design a quality, rich look without costing the earth.

The author was very pleased and a further set of leaflets was commissioned on the same theme some time later. He said: “Andrea works with an equal emphasis on both ‘graphic’ and ‘design’. You’re guaranteed first-class fonts and immaculate images, but so much more besides.

When we worked on Selby’s  ‘Hidden Heritage’ project, an underlying theme was that the leaflet’s information should be both historical yet not obvious to an initial view.

Andrea’s design encapsulated that perfectly. An old-style font and a leaflet design that you had to ‘unwrap’ to discover the goodies. Amplifying and accentuating the project theme?  Graphic design at its best !
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