Andrea Hall

Education Project

Graphic Design

It’s always great to work on playful subjects. Dell-ve into Nature is nature reserve created on a piece of wasteland previously used for fly tipping and burnt out cars.

The brief was to create a lesson plan document for children that could be taken out into the field. It was to be interesting, engaging and accessible in all conditions. Of course tablets could get destroyed, as could traditional paper, so the solution was a wire bound A5 booklet digitally printed onto plastic paper.

This project used a lot of my skill sets: Illustration; info graphics; concept design; copywriting and editing and research. Let me explain:

The client came to me with a Word document full of information about the seasons, and the logo which was the winner of a kid’s competition. The logo had to be incorporated, but the final result had to look professional too.

I pulled out the nuggets of info that I thought would be both interesting and visual. I researched and drew images and diagrams; designed the pages and used stock images where necessary. I also created the little mole character, by the name of Dell, who delivers the interactive elements throughout the kid’s learning experience on site.

Andrea Hall Design