Andrea Hall


Curtains and Interiors Shop


When Sue asked me to design her new logo for her, I don’t think she realised what she was going to get. Let me explain…

I love interior design, and fabrics – it goes back to when I did a textile design module in my first year of art college. Anyway, I was really into this project and because the subject matter is a vast design palette, I decided to do a mood board, but one with a difference. So I turned up to Sue’s shop with the results of my research phase in a pretty floral box. I plonked it on the counter and started pulling samples, fabric swatches, print outs and all kinds of inspiration from it, like a magician. She looked at me as though I was completely mad.

I asked her to bear with me, and explained that I wanted her input on her likes and dislikes so we could narrow it down to colour ways and styles before moving onto the design phase.

I’m really grateful she went with it, because the result is this timeless, elegant interchangeable logo with a classic Damask motif. It might look like an obvious choice, but there is a real art to timeless design.



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