Andrea Hall


Start Up. Corporate Identity

When Iain first approached me he was uncertain about the branding for his new business. For sometime he had been keen to use 1131, which had been his collar number in the police service, and wanted to mix letters and numbers to do this. He was also interested in having reference to a squirrel, which was a ’nickname’ colleagues gave him, a play on his surname. Both elements held meaning for Iain but he was unsure whether to use this or go for something completely different.
I felt that embracing these personal details would give his brand authenticity and provide an interesting talking point. The squirrel icon is memorable but professional, and the strong blue is a nod to the police, reflecting the serious nature of his work.
“After the initial discussion with Andrea, I was really quite relaxed about the process and I left her to go and be completely creative. I wanted something that looked professional, but personal to me and would also make people think and consequently remember. I had been unsure about using the ‘squirrel’ but in discussion I saw how the dynamic, problem solving nature of a squirrel had links for my line of work. Andrea returned with a few ideas and it didn’t take long at all to narrow them down and come up with something I was really very pleased with.”

Andrea Hall Design