Andrea Hall

Children’s Nursery School

Prospectus Design

Rainbow Nursery School asked me to design a brand new brochure for their business. The brief was to make it appealing to prospective parents. They really wanted to get across that they are professional, but also that the children in their care really have fun and learn things too.

The challenge was to design a document where the content could be easily edited in-house, as the information can change often.

Of course this would be possible, but it would have significant constrains on the design caused by office software and hardware capability. Dilemma!

I suggested getting a generic presentation folder professionally printed and doing the inserts themselves in-house. This approach opened up the possibility to really go to town on the design and make it as colourful and playful as the subject matter deserved. The result is a dynamic, fun, professional and cost-effective solution that looks great. The client was so pleased with it, that they took my treatment of their existing branding and applied it to other forms of marketing including their website. Now that’s a real compliment.

“Thanks again Andrea for the excellent service for customers who don’t know what they want and really should!  The logo and brochure is looking fab, it leaves the old stuff out in the cold!!

Andrea Hall Design