Andrea Hall

Interpretation Leaflets

This heritage project was to design a set of three leaflets for walks around a Victorian cemetery. School children had worked with local historian David Lewis to research the family history and uncover the fascinating stories of some of the people buried there.

Each leaflet has a theme, Mariners, Merchants and Monuments and they include a map on the inside of where the most notable gravestones are.

As ever with this kind of project I was provided with a lot of information to distil down into an easily readable and engaging format.

Using my illustration and editing skills, the final designs have a Victorian feel to them with the use of period colours and hand script in the style of old census records. The project leaders were thrilled with the result and the leaflets are were launched at an opening event where the children acted out the roles of the historic characters they had chosen to research. A truly uplifting and thoroughly interesting project.

Andrea Hall Design