Andrea Hall

Canicross commission

Running with your best buddy

This is Sarah and her dog Hattie, they like to run together in the sport known as Canicross.

Sarah sent me some great pictures of their many adventures together, and asked me to come up with something. I’ve never met her, but it was immediately apparent from her colourful pics that she has a wardrobe full of bonkers leggings. So the colour scheme for the design started with that. Limiting the colour palette is a key element of my style, so it worked really well, and I called the finished design ‘Run Buddies’.

Sarah said: “I love it! I showed it to my friend and she thinks you’ve captured our likeness so well and that we both look full of joy”.

Mission accomplished then, because for me the whole point of what I do, is to try to get across the sheer joy of the sports we participate in.


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