Andrea Hall

Business Advisor


There is no better compliment than being asked by a business advisor to produce her branding. Off all the people she could’ve chosen.

Her name is Heidi Adele Green, and she recognised the opportunity in completely embracing the connotation of her initials and giving her image a spooky flavour. Sometimes there is no harm in using what could be seen as a negative thing, because it can be turned to positive effect and become extremely memorable because of it.

The result is a fun and playful design, with strong contemporary colours that has a serious and professional note too.

And by the way, Heidi’s not scary at all, she said: “From the seed of an idea to realisation of a dream, Andrea was a pleasure to work with.

Her professionalism and expertise shone through during all consultations and the end result was that my branding does the speaking for my business.  This has to be one of the best investments I made for the business.”


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