Andrea Hall

Beauty Salon

When Julia bought her business she inherited the name Split Second. She was never really happy with it and always felt it belonged to someone else. A bit like inheriting the decor in your new home I suppose.

During her initial consultation she told me she’d had the idea in her head for years to name the business after the 60s icon Brigitte Bardot. Julia felt the name evoked a feeling of  ‘girl next door’ natural beauty and glamour which would be a great match for her salon.

I gave Julia the confidence to go for it, and working together we created mood boards that set the scene for this modern feeling branding that evokes 60s style and encapsulates Julia’s dream. I got a first when she visited my studio for the big reveal and promptly burst into tears of happiness.

Julia says: “I felt that from the very first discussion with Andrea she listened to my ideas and brought them to life. She completely embraced my concept and delivered something even better than I imagined. I have had such positive feedback from customers and suppliers about my new brand and I myself am absolutely thrilled with it.”

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