Andrea Hall

Arts Venue

Brochure design

Selby Town Hall is an arts venue which hosts some of the best acts in the country. I have been working with them to produce their bi-annual ‘what’s on’ brochure since 2003.

The design of the brochure has an identity that reflects the architecture of the building with the round quadrant window logo, picture frames and other shapes in the layout.

The challenge is always to condense the massive amount of information into an easy to read format (especially in subdued light) while looking lively and inviting. Images are supplied by the artist’s promotional teams, so are always great to work with – you can’t beat professional photography. The chosen colourway comes from one of these images and it sets the scene for the look that season.

I work very closely with Chris, who has a very keen eye for detail. This is something we both share which makes it a great client relationship. Has this to say about working with me:

“Andrea has been the perfect match as a designer for Selby Town Hall, working with us for over 15 years from the very inception of the venue and through a full rebrand.

In producing our bi-annual season brochure – which remains the venue’s flagship marketing tool – she has been flexible, responsive, professional and unfailingly patient with what surely must be her pickiest customer! Andrea always goes above and beyond in ensuring that we have a high quality product produced to a tight deadline. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.”

Andrea Hall Design