Andrea Hall




It was a pleasure to help WJC Accountants create a brand that reflects their business values and approach to accountancy.

Wendy and Cassie were unhappy with their existing brand. The ladies are infectiously enthusiastic about their work, knowledgeable and positively bubbly. In contrast their logo was boring and they were constantly apologising for it.

WJC specialise in supporting small business. I wanted to big up their USP – their personality – and make them look approachable to their ideal clients. What you see here is what you get. Both of them are dressed in their favourite colours and have their own business cards which reflect that.

The new branding system includes the logo on both black and white backgrounds for when they are talking about the company as a whole.

Wendy and Cassie love the result and say that it has injected even more enthusiasm into their work.

Andrea Hall Design