Displays, Faith Trail guides and leaflets
I tendered for, and won a three-year contract to produce all the branding and collateral marketing literature and displays for this multi-faith project.



Treasures Revealed in West Yorkshire was a project that aimed to open up places of worship of all faiths to visitors and residents. The aim was to enable people to learn about the contribution made by faith communities and buildings to the local area, and to access a first-hand experience of local cultural heritage.

The Challenge:

Over three years, produce branding, support materials and a website for five festivals, five faith trails and exhibitions in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Calderdale and Kirklees.

The Solution:

David Thompson, Project Officer, said: “I had seen some of Andrea’s work previously, and had been very impressed by her friendly and knowledgeable approach. So I included her in the tendering list and was delighted by the highly professional way she submitted her tender – which happened to be the one offering the best deal by a long way.
“It was an inspired choice. Without Andrea’s creative, collaborative and flexible approach and her experience, we would have really struggled. We expected to meet our targets, but exceeding them meant a much greater volume of work was needed. Despite having to quickly pick up on the cultural differences across the different faiths, Andrea never flinched, and worked quickly and expertly to produce brochures and exhibition panels of such extraordinary quality that they rendered the participating faith organisations speechless.”

I have no doubt that in my mind, your selfless and significant contribution to the project was absolutely key to its success, and I owe you a substantial debt of gratitude for making my work much simpler, comprehensive and rewarding.
David Thompson, Churches Regional Commission

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