Selby Town hall what's on brochure
Twice a year I work with Selby Town Hall to provide their what's on guide for the coming season of gigs and events



Back in the early naughties, Selby District Council’s brand new, worldy-wise Arts Officer had a vision to set up an Arts Centre with a programme of live music and comedy shows at the Town Hall, with funding from the Arts Council. 

The Challenge:

Because the venue was to attract quality, well-known names, they needed someone to produce professionally designed promotional material, to a national standard, but they had a policy of using local suppliers, and Selby is a small place. 

The Solution:

However, Selby is my home town, so when I was introduced at a networking event, I got very excited. It’s a great subject, lively, colourful and fun. And the chance of working on material featuring such great acts for a venue so close to my heart, was irresistible.

The rest is history. I now work closely with the venue’s Arts Manager, and my flexible approach means I can fit around his unusual working hours, batting proofs and emails backwards and forwards til gone midnight sometimes. Together we produce two brochures a year for the Spring and Autumn seasons. It’s one of my favourite jobs for a great client – it makes me happy, so long may it continue!

You never complain when I want to work through into the small hours and seem to know intuitively the kind of message we are trying to get across to our audience.  
I really couldn't imagine going anywhere else for our design work.
Chris Jones, Selby Town Hall

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