Selby District Council Annual Report

Selby District Council Annual Report



How is your money spent? What decisions are being made about the local council services you receive? Each year, Selby District Council answers these questions for its residents in its Annual Report – a review of the work of the Council over the previous twelve months. The aim is to make a document that is accessible to all, easy to understand and one that tells a story about what has happened, when and why.

The Challenge:

The Council needs to communicate this information to a wide audience, ranging from people with no experience of how local Government works, to Government itself. The Council needs a document that looks great, is an easy read and means something to everyone.

The Solution:

Working closely with the Council’s communications manager, I have been producing this Annual Report for a number of years. The last edition was highlighted as ‘good practice’ by the Independent Audit Commission, and others are looking to Selby as an example of how to produce a useful report for their own residents.  

We are really impressed by the standard of work –
you offer a really friendly, but professional and
efficient service. You've done us proud and now our report has been picked out as being a great example
to show others too.
Mike James, Selby District Council

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